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Live More "Heartfully"

How to Live An Authentically Heartful Life

October 02, 20232 min read

“Place the mind in the heart” - Philokalia


What would it feel like to step into more authentic, heartful living?

First, what exactly does heartful mean?
Think of it as a way of being and living from your heart, your inner orientation, the core of your being.

I first heard this term in a contemplative course by Tom Bushlack, a professor of Christian ethics at the University of St. Thomas.

He began his explanation with a quote from the Philokalia, a collection of wisdom from master meditators and contemplatives from the Christian tradition:

“Place the mind in the heart”

My breath paused; my inner wisdom knew this to be true.

It’s more than just placing awareness on your heart space, but instead allowing your awareness to reside in your heart, then from there your very being begins to radiate from your heart.

Living More Heartfully

Supporting this idea is research from The Heartmath Institute. Heartmath has discovered that the heart, aka “the little brain,” is as intricate as our head brain.
In other words, the heart goes far beyond its mechanical function of pumping blood to bring oxygen and nutrients for our physical body to live.

Our heart, in fact, communicates with the brain and the rhythm patterns sent to the brain from our heart can either be erratic and disorderly or stable and smooth. 

Now, here is the mind-blowing reality, your heart's rhythm patterns shift with your emotions!
(Check out the research HERE)

I like how Tom describes living heartfully:
“It's like a quantum leap for your spiritual perception, and your ability to maintain compassionate presence in each and every moment.”

With this perspective, heartful living is how we navigate our emotions, thoughts, will and desires, as well as hearing God and discerning His direction.

At its core, living heartfully is choosing to allow your heart to speak louder than your powerful mind and its sometimes off-kilter beliefs, judgements, narrations, and critical self-talk.

Living heartfully is a place of softeness, openness, forgiveness, humility. 

It’s living more fully into oneness with your Creator, being conscious of His presence and action within, around, and through you.

When we live from this place, the rhythm patterns of our hearts begin to communicate God’s grace and mercy to our brains over and over again.

God, help me to live more heartfully today, create in me a clean heart, so I can more fully experience your love, your peace, and action within, around, and through me.

Practical Application:
Use your body as a gateway to open up your heart and mind to be better able to tap into a heartful way of being by taking our free "Heartfullness" yoga class on YouTube. 

For our members, take it one step deeper with a 10-minute heartfullness meditation with a guided heartful practice to tap into this “little brain” anytime day or night. 

Aiming for more heartfullness each day,

Jen Allbritton 
E-RYT 500
B.S. in Kinesiology
Co-founder of
With-God Wellness

Jen Allbritton

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